The dressing gown: the essential garment for spring

I’ll tell you right away, so you know what side I’m on: I like a robe like a robe! I find it chic, elegant, suitable for many physicists (seriously, read to see the details), fresh and soft, perfect for summer. In a word: indispensable. Here are some ideas of look to make you want to look for one, if you do not already have it in the closet!

When I said that it is more or less good to all, I was not joking: unless you want to mask the waist, whether you have an hourglass, or a rectangle, whether you have a lot of breasts or broad shoulders, dressing gown can only look good. The only caution is to choose a soft fabric and slipped so that there signs, but gently accompany the lines of your body. I always see it very well with low shoes (sandals, mules or senkers), but in the case of even a little more glamorous evenings a high sandal is fine too. I would avoid the décolleté: it gets old a little.

The trend of the season, the flowers are everywhere! They are also very well on this kind of dress, to be worn without too many frills: minimal jewelry, at most a shirt or a jacket in jeans on the shoulders and sandals or sneakers. I like a lot of heels … but on Pinterest photos! Worn every day I see it harder …

Chic and without too much effort. Choose a model in which you can tie the belt around the waist and bring the upper part of the dress soft, as if it were a shirt tied at the waist. The beauty of this clothes is that you can choose whether to wear them tight or soft and slipped. Personally, I prefer the second option by far: they are more casual, more streetstyle … more effortless chic!

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