Ideas for a glamorous look for an evening with friends!

A thousand clothes scattered on the bed and our Hamlet doubt: what am I wearing? The aperitif is an absolutely informal moment in which to chat and indulge in healthy laughter.

We women know it well: we want to always be impeccable, even at an aperitif with friends.

Better not to show up with the classic little black dress or a serious suit but if you leave the office and you do not have time to go home put in the bag, before going out in the morning, some accessories to make your look sparkling: a flashy necklace or a pair of chandelier earrings, a scarf, a belt and a small clutch that does not take up space in our Mary Poppins bags.

Go-ahead to classic trousers and jeans or with applications in lace, beads, studs. Long or short skirts (but not too mini). All combined with a beautiful white shirt, a jacket, a tight sweater, a top … free your imagination. All to be enriched with important accessories. Both colorful dresses, bright patterns, and soft and bon ton lines will do well. With the shoes you have a wide choice, do not overdo the heel and if you really want to have an aggressive shoe better opt for the plateau, so you’ll be more comfortable if you have to stand up! As for the bags you can range from those capacious to sophisticated clutch, large enough to put in lipstick, keys and smartphones.

The social conventions and bon ton stipulate that in the evening you have to wear different clothing than used for the day but today everything has changed, both for lack of time and budget. For example, we can rindossare the same head changing only the accessories: a bag or a pair of shoes make the difference. Just be careful to combine them with taste following your color palette and your natural shape.

A nice makeup will give you the finishing touch of refinement. Of course you must distinguish the various situations for which you are called to have an evening look: dinner, after dinner with boyfriends or friends, business invitation, disco night or an important reception. For each of these moments we must follow appropriate choices. In informal evenings, practical clothes are indicated that leave the possibility to move smoothly. I recommend a pair of dark jeans (black, gray, blue) with some applications like sequins or embroidery and a shirt or a top. Your outfit can be completed either from high-heeled shoes or from jeweled flat shoes and accompanied by a single-colored or patterned clutch bag. You can also wear soft or cigarette pants, straight skirts with longuette preference.

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