How to dress at a wedding: our advice from clothing to accessories

How do you dress at a wedding when you are invited? The business is not easy, especially if you want to make a good impression and not make mistakes. Apparently, clothes and accessories are basic and must be elegant without exaggerating them to preserve glamor and discretion. Bright colors or as discreet as pink quartz or blue serenity of course avoid white or black and you can venture a little more with bags and dress shoes: these are the most important guidelines to follow. Discover them in detail!

To help you decide what to wear when you are invited to a wedding, we give you two golden rules to follow and lots of ideas and ideas for possible clothes.
Follow our tips for wearing formal wear, bags and shoes and you’ll look great!
And do not forget the hairstyle …

1. Do not wear white or black dresses
It is a tradition that has always been valid and must be respected as such: at the wedding, it is essential to wear white clothes (a color that belongs to the bride) or blacks that are too reminiscent of sadness. The wedding dress deserves to be the center of attention, with the white color that is reflected and distinguished everywhere, and for the pure respect of the bride, you should avoid getting dressed like her! The choice between the colors below is excellent: colors such as red or dark gray for autumn or winter weddings or soft colors, pastel colors or vitamins for spring or summer weddings. And you’re done!

2. Do not wear clothes too low
Clothing that is too low or too short should be avoided. The idea is always to preserve a certain sobriety and elegance: a wedding is not a cocktail. Therefore, generally follow the rule that you do not wear clothes with too many breasts or mini-skirt dresses. There are of course exceptions to these rules, and you’ll know if you keep reading …

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