How does the Dubai desert safari sunset look like in 2022?

What’s more perfect for your entire family with a blissful nighttime adventure in the Dubai Desert? When the sun goes down, you’re suddenly confronted by the vastness of the desert and the peace of agelessness that gently envelopes you.

When the sun sets, free of the shadow of the sun’s reflection on tiny mica particles in the dunes of sand, one is in a position to view this desert landscape in its beauty; it’s a stunning view.

In order to get to know how a Dubai desert safari sunset looks like in a sunset, you need to read the complete article. 

Take a Drive to the Desert

The desert safari adventure begins with a pick-up from your residence or hotel in a luxurious 4×4 vehicle around three P.M. in the afternoon. You’ll travel through AI Awir Road into the deserts of Dubai with a few stops in between at stunning spots where you can snap photos.

The Drive continues, offering amazing perspectives of the desert on each side, through the tinted glass of the car, until it comes to an end for the next adventure. 

Desert Safari Camel Ride 

The next stop is the camel farm, which is your first stop. If you’ve never stepped foot near a camel, do not fret. Instead, the tour guides will take you through a course in the efficient management of camels.

After everyone is in place for the caravan, a camel will be created, and each participant will sit on their individual animal. A Bedouin wearing traditional attire will come out from the desert and guide you through the mysterious dunes.

You’ll then be riding a camel through the dunes of silk, just like the ancient Bedouins have done before you! The camel ride gives you the chance to see wildlife and plants of the desert observe desert reptiles and snakes disappear into their cool caves.

There’s a chance to encounter a desert fox if you’re lucky, but they are rare these days. Be aware of the bizarre forms of the desert plants you encounter along the route. 

Desert Sunset Experience

You’ll get amazed if you get your desert sunset pictures printed along with you.. Sunset at Dubai Desert safaris is an experience you should not miss. Make sure you have your camera charged and your tripod in place to get the best photos of the stunning night as the red-colored ball falls downwards over the dunes that are getting darker.

Camp Adventures Ahoy!

When you arrive at the camel, you’ll be lifted off your horse and let to a large tent with a design based on those of the Bedouin tents of the pst. You can relax and enjoy an hour with a hot cup of delicious, rich Arabian coffee. If you want all these, then get ready to go there. 

Sand skiing: is the fun of gliding across the dunes on a smooth surface as you lie on your stomach on a sandboard like a water skiboard. When you’re speeding through the dunes, you’ll let your voice scream with joy because this is an adventure that you will only experience in the desert. 

Dune bashing: You’ll be driven through the dunes by the 4×4 vehicle at an accelerated speed, bouncing over smaller dunes while racing over bigger ones. You’ll appreciate the thrill it provides – similar to riding a rollercoaster.

Quad Biking: Have you ever thought about taking a quad bicycle over desert dunes? The sand always shifts, so a quad bike ride on shifting sands isn’t easy. So if you’re into adrenaline sports, you should try this.

The Camp Dinner and Entertainment

Returning to the camp, relax and don some Bedouin clothes your tour guide supplies. Move your feet and hands toward the Heena artist to get them painted with beautiful Arabian designs that are quick to dry in the scorching desert heat. See a belly dancer mover to Arabian music while smoking shisha pipes, building to satisfy your appetite.

When you’ve given your taste buds an exercise as the belly dancers stop their dance as the Tanura dancers will take to the stage. The male dancers move like desert dervishes in circles while you enjoy a wonderful dinner under the cool desert sy. There’s no alcohol available in general. However, you can have as much coffee and refreshing drinks as possible. 

Overnight Stay At The Desert

If you’ve booked the overnight experience, be prepared for the most romantic trip you’ve ever had. With trusted tour operators like Arabian Adventures, guests can be sure of quality services during your desert safari if you own cameras and tripods. Prepare them and put them aside to enjoy some cool photography of sunset and sunrise as well as to gaze at the night sky and stars.

Make sure you’re up early to catch the most breathtaking spectacle you’ve ever witnessed. Take in the awe that the sun rises over the dark dunes, making a magnificent blend of dark and light. It’s a fantastic experience that we strongly advise you to make sure you don’t skip.