What Are Some of the Most Popular Air Jordan Shoes?

Since Michael Jordan sported the initial pair of Nike sneakers back in 1984 and slowly became a big star, the Jordans have also gained popularity. There is no other shoe with the same cult-like status and global following. There have been several popular Air Jordan shoes ‌people buy the most.

The Air Jordan 1 Retro High Og UNC is one of the unique high-top sneakers designed by Abloh x Nike. This sneaker honors the university of Carolina’s basketball team’s uniform, and in this guide, you will learn about some of the best Air Jordan shoes over the years.

Popular Air Jordan Shoes Over the Years 

Some of the popular Air Jordan shoes over the years are:

  • Air Jordan 1(1985) 

The original Air Jordan was the first Nike shoe sported by Michael Jordan on the court and the only one you can find with the Nike Swoosh. These are the two reasons ‌it is one of the best Jordan shoes. 

This is the shoe that not only started the obsession with Air Jordans that continues today. But it also created many controversies, like when its black and red color broke the NBA’s 51% white regulation for sneakers. 

  • Air Jordan III (1988) 

Though the Air Jordan I might be popular in the collection of any sneakerheads, the Air Jordan III is pretty legendary as well. This was the first design of Tinker Hatfield, who is an athlete and architect-turned sneaker taste-maker. 

Compared to Air Jordan 1 Retro High Og UNC, the Air Jordan III was also pretty eye-catching back in the day. The Nike Swoosh logo was removed from this sneaker, and elephant print panels were added. It had black and white uppers and also the new iconic Jumpman logo.

  • Air Jordan XI (1995)

This pair of sneakers had another risk-taking and game-changing design, and it found its way back into the court back in May 1995. They took it into the court as a part of the NBA playoffs, slowly becoming a fan favorite.  

They released it in the black-and-white Concord colorway, which led to fights and riots across America as people tried to get their hands on the pair. This is one of the most popular pairs of Jordan shoes. One of this model’s most popular repetitions is the 11 Cool Gray; you can check an online sneaker store to purchase this sneaker. 

  •  Air Jordan IV (1989) 

This is another very popular Air Jordans featured on the big screen. There are several reasons ‌ this is one of the most popular Jordans of all time. One of its best features is its lacing support system, which can be customized as per preference. 

Final Words 

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