Benefits And Drawbacks Of Vinyl Plank Flooring

When it comes to vinyl plank flooring, we would definitely say that it doesn’t carry so many disadvantages. In fact, this flooring solution offers a ton of perks. Made with a type of plastic—PVC— vinyl plank flooring comes in planks of synthetic materials. Now that you know what type of flooring it is, let’s discuss several benefits and drawbacks of vinyl plank flooring.


There are so many benefits that make vinyl plank flooring the top-most option:

1.       Water-resistant

One of the major advantages of having vinyl plank flooring is that it is completely water-resistant because of being made with plastic. This feature makes it a wonderful solution for mudroom flooring, as well as any other room that is susceptible to moisture and dirt.

2.       Scratch Resistant

Another reason why vinyl plank flooring is the top-most choice is due to its scratch-resistant feature. Even the hardwood will show dents after some time but the vinyl plank is highly resistant to scratches and dents due to its ultra-durable wear layer.

3.       Pet-friendly

Looking for a perfect flooring solution for your four-legged friends? This is something you might get confused with. But don’t worry; vinyl plank flooring is a convenient choice for you. Having a porous surface, this flooring option can absorb odors more easily. Moreover, it can take years of abuse from your four-legged pets.

4.       Maintenance

Unlike wood floors, vinyl plank flooring does not require expensive specialty products for cleaning. This is the reason why most people prefer installing this flooring type.


Despite offering so many advantages, vinyl plank offers a few disadvantages too.

1.       Susceptible To UV Damage Or Discoloration

The first drawback to having vinyl plank flooring is it is susceptible to UV damage or discoloration. But it doesn’t happen with all types. If UV-resistant coatings in the wear layer are present, they will not get damaged due to sunlight exposure.

2.       Even If Durable, Vinyl Plank Can Be Dented Too

We’ve already discussed above that vinyl plank flooring is extremely durable but still, it can be dented with heavy and sharp hits. It could also happen with heavy furniture. But it is not a big risk. You can go for vinyl plank flooring if you can take proper care of it.

3.       Super Hard To Remove

Once your vinyl plank flooring is damaged, it would be very hard to remove. When having the snap-together floating floor, removing a single plank would be impossible because all planks are interconnected with each other. However, glue-down vinyl plank is a much better option.

4.       Hard To Repair

It’s extremely difficult to repair the damaged vinyl plank floors. However, several products are available in the market to hide scratches and dents; they can’t refinish the floor completely.

So, we’ve come up to the conclusion that vinyl plank flooring is a good choice to opt for only if taken care of properly. After going through the above benefits and drawbacks, you now have a better understanding of this floor type.