Natural Brown Hair Colour – Benefits

Brown is a natural hair colour that adds warmth, depth, and dimension to your tresses. This particular, one colour is always in trend. Brown is a subtle colour that creates varied hues in your hair. Natural brown hair colour shade picks up light and reflects it in various different ways, thereby making your hair more vibrant and interesting.

Brown blends effortlessly in your hair and tames your frizzy hair while conditioning them. Colour is also an additional protective layer that protects your hair from environmental damage. You can choose any shade of brown to look regal and royal. This shade will add depth and dimension to your hair, thereby making them soft and smooth.

Now, as far as hair dyes are concerned, Godrej Expert Rich Crème is the best for hair colouring. Why? Well, this is a natural hair dye that is infused with various natural ingredients. This dye benefits the hair certainly because it is enriched with Amla, Reetha, Shikakai, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, etc. These ingredients help in making your soft and smooth. Your frizzy strands are smoothened by this natural hair dye. This dye comes in five amazing shades. And today we will be discussing the shades of brown that you can try. So, let’s begin!

Top Natural Brown Hair Colours

Brown comes in various shades that blend effortlessly with your black hair and provide warmth to it. Brown shade always remains in trend and is preferred by women across the globe. Let us look at some of the best shades under brown hair colour.

  1. Chestnut Brown

This is a classic shade that brings out the elegance of your colour. This is a super-shade that Meghan Markle wears with so ease. This is one of the best hair shades. And with this hair shade, you can go for subtle highlights and finally a global glossy look to keep your locks multi-tonal. Ask your hairstylist for this amazing style! This colour will look good on every skin tone and undertone.

  1. Honey Brown Highlights

It is a sweet colour because when we say honey, a certain sweetness comes to our mind. This is also an elegant shade that will look gorgeous with balayage highlights. This colour gives a sun-kissed effect to your hair and makes them look absolutely stunning. Balayage is an amazing hair colouring technique that gives your hair a lot more depth and dimension. Also, if you have thin hair, you must definitely go with this technique.

  1. Toffee Brown Hair Colour

Best suited with medium and long hair, toffee brown shade is one of our favourite shades. This is a sophisticated shade of brown that brightens up your complexion and matches your black/ brown hair colour. This colour is best for cool skin tones and undertones. Try out this amazing shade now!

  1. Chocolate Ombre Hair Colour

Change your usual brown mane into a dark one. With this amazing shade, we are sure when we say this – you are bound to fall in love with this shade. This is a rich chocolate shade that enhances your entire appearance and goes well with your blue/ hazel eye colour. Go for stylish dark and light ombre tones with shade. Ask your hairstylist for the same.

  1. Deep Red Velvet Hair Colour

Wish to have a more distinctive tone than a standard brown shade? Well, here it is! Deep Red Velvet is one of the bold brown shades that gives a fresh lift to your face and makes you look extremely beautiful. This shade is best suited with dark skin tones. If you are not sure whether to go for this shade or not, then you must first try a temporary hair shade provided by Godrej Expert Rich Crème. Try this deep, bold, and stunning shade now!

  1. Espresso Brown Hair Colour

Dark brown shade has never looked any better! When this shade is blended with the warm espresso shade, you are going to have a different and unique shade. Priyanka Chopra wears this hair colour with elegance. With this shade, you can have subtle waves. This will add dimension and volume to your locks. Apply this shade from the middle to the roots of your hair. You will look absolutely stunning. This shade is best for every Indian skin tone.

  1. Rich Chocolate Hair Colour

This is every woman’s go-to shade. This shade of brown is versatile and elegant. This shade is preferred by every woman and looks amazing with every skin tone. You can go for global hair colour or subtle highlights with this shade. Do not forget to condition your hair to get shiny and smooth strands. Get a chic and gorgeous look with this rich hair colour.

  1. Soft Umber Hair Colour

This shade is for brunettes! Soft Umber is a medium brunette shade that looks so fine with people having brown hair colour. This shade must be applied from roots to end to get an amazingly stunning look. We advise you to go for this shade at least once because this shade will give you a rich look. Give your hair the desired warmth they need with this soft umber shade.

  1. Dark with Caramel Highlights

Half-brown, half-blonde – sounds amazing! This is a summer hair colour as this hair shade lightens up your natural hair colour. With your natural brown or black hair shade, you can go with honey-brown highlights as they will give you a fresh look. This shade creates a beautiful look and looks gorgeous on medium-length and long hair. Best suited for cool and neutral undertones, this shade is a must-try!

  1. Dark Chocolate Hair Colour

A cool black hair shade that looks alluring. Dark chocolate shade is for girls who are in their teens and do not wish to get a complete change in this look. This shade has a tinge of brown in it and looks amazing on girls with cool skin tones. If you are in your teens, then you must definitely try this shade out!

  1. Cool-to-Warm Combo

Wish to have a chic look? Well, we heard you! The cool-to-warm combo is a blend of dark brown and honey brown shade. The hair colouring begins from a cool shade and shifts down to a warmer shade at the ends. This shade goes with every skin tone and makes you look chic and stunning. Try out this shade now!

  1. Icy Brown Hair Colour

Wish to seek attention from all the people? Try the Icy Brown Shade. This shade is a cool tone of brown and is absolutely captivating. This shade also has a shimmery finish on the strands that are bound to attract everyone’s attention. Best for warm undertones, this shade looks stunning. Try this out now!

So, these are the best natural brown hair colours that you can try this season. Brown gives a subtle shade to your natural hair. You can try different styling and colouring techniques with a brown shade. Also, when you are colouring your hair, it is best to use a natural hair dye like Godrej Expert Rich Crème. Infused with Reetha, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, etc., this hair dye conditions your hair and adds vibrance to your locks. Try out the amazing shades of Godrej hair dye now!