Few Best Neighborhoods to Choose in Bakersfield

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In the following paragraph, we will briefly introduce you to this city where you are planning to move.


The universities in Bakersfield have awarded 5,643 degrees in 2017, where more female students are studying. Most of the students graduating from this university are Latino or Hispanic, followed by White, Black or African American, and Asian students.

The most popular subjects of this university are General Business Administration and Management, Medical Assistant, and Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Bakersfield Campus | Fresno Pacific University


The unemployment rate of this city is about 5.5% however, recently shown an increase in the job market by 1.2% over the previous year. The largest industries available are:

Educational Services

  • Health Care and Social Assistance
  • Information
  • Public Administration.
  • Retail Trade
  • Utilities

The average household annual income is $60,002, which is a little less than the average annual income of the entire United States. The annual economic growth of this city is 5.07%.

Tax rates 

  • The sales tax rate is 7.3% against the US average of 7.3%.
  • The income tax rate is 9.3% against the US average of 4.6%.

When you consider the cost of living in this place then all the above can make a big impact.

The following are a few neighborhoods of this city, where you may consider your living after relocating to this place.


You will find Amberton a very quiet and tight-knit place. Great for young professionals, families, empty nesters, or retirees alike, where everyone is welcome.

Downtown Bakersfield

If you are seeking work or already you are working for a company in Downtown, then this will be the right place to be.

Laurel Glen

Most suitable for young professionals, families, and retirees alike. More and more people now are preferring this area for nice and affordable homes and also top-of-the-line apartment complexes.

Olde Stockdale

Right now, the best place for living in this city, which is considered by many people as the most affluent place in the city. People of Olde Stockdale have the highest average household income as compared to any other neighborhoods available in Bakersfield.


This location has a small population and is accessible to multiple outdoor activities. You will find lots of green spaces, parks, and walking trails.

Seven Oaks

Seven Oaks is direct across the street from Olde Stockdale. This community, which encompasses a bigger area, continues to be a hotspot and a central place for working people, local companies, and doctors.

Tevis Ranch

Tevis Ranch can be found on the town’s outskirts and is quite a safe area to live for locals will remain far away from the hustle and bustle of the busy life of a place like Downtown.