What Your Kbow When Picking A Doormay

Among these decorative items, rugs and doormats like boarding mats for instance stand out, as they can improve the environment and convey information about the company, such as its brand and name. Something that was previously only used in places of passage for hygiene reasons, today it acquires numerous other features such as the ability to visually enlarge or reduce the space in which it will be used.

In addition, they can be fully customizable and produced with different materials, prints, textures, and dimensions capable of adapting to any environment. In addition, so that you don’t make a mistake when choosing your rug and doormat, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:


Rugs and doormats can become a great option as a business card for your company. This type of item with a welcome message or branded with the company can convey a better image to customers and professionals in your business. Maybe that’s the kind of detail you need to improve the flow of people in your company, especially customers.

This decoration can be made in different sizes, some small and subtle, ideal for the entrance of offices, buildings, or even commercial rooms, which is the most requested. In addition, they can acquire a larger size, like the long walkways that make all the difference in corridors that have a greater flow of people and increase the preservation of the floors.

  1. Format

Not only should the size of the rug or doormats be taken into consideration when it comes time to choose your company’s reception or hallway decor, but also its shape. It must be remembered that there are no more standards that must be followed; the decoration items can be chosen following your creativity and need for the idea that you intend to pass on to clients and professionals.

Such formats can range from nylon or vinyl, for example. In general, most companies continue to choose more classic formats, i.e., rectangular or square. However, that doesn’t stop you from choosing something more daring to make the environment more relaxed.