Types of doors for home

Doors are the moveable barriers that allow permeable entry in any enclosure. They are used as a security portal in the front wall of home or any other building. With a high security check doors give a stylish touch to the home beauty. They allow the passage of light and air directly. There are many types of doors for different types of entrances to give the unique look to each of the entrances. When you are thinking of buying a door, you need to keep in mind what are the objectives of entrance? Is it for the purpose of security or ventilation? so that you can make smarter choices. Well, we want you to make an ideal choice. This is why we are making it simpler for you. Here are some possible options for doors choice, now it is up to you what you select for the best. Let’s get started.

Metal Doors

If you are going to retreat the interior and exterior both then, steel is the excellent option because steel doors are highly durable. Moreover metals always have been the alternatives of wood. The frames of steel doors are designed by steel plates, channels, tee or angles. Hinges and hold-fasts are usually bonded to the frame. You can use other materials to fix on steel as well. Steel is a budget-friendly option for thorough use in homes this is why mostly people love choosing them. They are available with wooden textures and need minimal maintenance.

Wooden Doors

One of the oldest door materials, which is widely available. You can customize wooden doors in the way you want. Different qualities of wood are available so before you select, you need to consider durability and budget. These factors vary, when you are selecting wood for commercial areas. Although you can treat all home entrances with wooden doors, they are best suited to your exterior because of their high durability.

Glass Doors

Glass is used for paneling purposes when used for doors. You can design them in the way you like but according to the location, you are going to install them. Usually they are used in the backside balcony for a garden view. Glass doors can be used for front doors but keeping privacy check in mind and ensuring its durability. They are pretty heavy and are expensive but they look luxurious. They need regular maintenance to stay fresh and shining.

Fiberglass Doors

Fibrous form of glass, woven into cloth. It is highly durable, lightweight and non-inflammable. Fiberglass is also used for making bath tubs, windows and many other such materials. Fiberglass needs low maintenance.

Aluminum Doors

It is a lightweight material for doors. It is widely used in commercial constructions of windows, doors, curtain walls and partitions. It is mostly used as doors because it can withstand heavy stress of regular usage. They last for a long time because they cannot be attacked by termites easily as well as they are high on aesthetic factor and turn out to be pretty good investments.

Battened and Ledged Doors

After using basic door types if you are wandering for something new then, try battened and ledged doors. These doors have wooden battens and are provided with three ledges for top, center and bottom. These doors are typically used for baths, toilets and such other rooms. They are commonly used in homes because they are economical.

PVC Doors

PVC is a plastic component that is usually used in pipes, water tanks and other fittings. PVC is highly versatile in styles and colors. PVC provides customized choice. PVC is anti-destructive, termite proof, light weight and moisture resistant. These doors are simple to manufacture and install. They are not suited to the exterior doors because of lightweight construction and inability to resist harsh environment conditions. They are cost-effective with little maintenance.

Bamboo-Jute Doors

This is the only renewable option for doors. Bamboo has a maturity cycle of 3-4 years, which makes it a great natural renewable resource. Jute-coir is used for composite boards that can be used for manufacturing doors. To-a-days the most demanded material is bamboo-jute for doors because of its benefits like rust-resistance, water resistance, termite resistant, biodegradable and environmental friendly. Bamboo-jute acts as a good alternative against wood for doors.