The Most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Belfast

Northern Ireland has seen a marked rise in the estimation of many home buyers in recent years. Some UK residents have relocated to Northern Ireland and are finding Belfast and its surrounding metropolitan regional environs to be not only visually attractive, but also, a haven against the rise in rents and astronomical property evaluations compared against other major UK cities like London and Dublin, Ireland. That said, property prices in Belfast are indeed on the rise, and here are a few places where it’s expensive buy a property.

The toniest part of Belfast is perhaps the area immediately surrounding Queens University, a well-regarded residential area of Belfast where real estate costs are high and local amenities are many. The area is of course home the University and therefore it’s home to many students and a large number of families living in detached and smaller semi-detached homes with between 2-4+ bedrooms, smaller lawns and trees. Good schools, restaurants, and other amenities abound. Homes in this area range upwards from £700,000+ if looking to sell your home fast.

Outside of the area surrounding Queens University, Malone Road is perhaps the most well-known residential area of Belfast where real estate costs are high and moving upwards. Homes in this area range upwards from £450,000 — £650,000. Leading from the university quarter, Malone Road leads into the suburbs of Malone and Upper Malone. A mix of large suburban detached homes and smaller semi-detached houses with between 3-4+ bedrooms, large lawns and trees. Excellent schools, restaurants and shops are available for homebuyers.

Likewise, Stranmillis, an area in south Belfast, is another area of the city with similarly expensive properties. Ranging from luxurious large suburban style homes to charming row houses, homes in this area range upwards from £250,000 — £450,000+. Known as a commuter enclave, Stranmillis homes are often attached and semi-detached, with a mix of standalone detached homes with lovely lawns and trees, good schools and shops.

Cherryvalley offers a small-town lifestyle to its residents. With its adorable cafes, patisseries and small boutiques, there’s literally something for everyone. Homes in the Cherryvalley area are a bit of a mixed lot, from smaller suburban style homes with good front lots to rowhomes and apartments, these houses range upwards from £199,000 — £525,000.

Any home in these areas would be an excellent choice. If you want to sell your home fast, house prices in these areas are high and are likely to increase in value as more people re-locate to Belfast. Home prices in the neighborhoods around Queens University are charming and beautiful. They have great amenities and are enlivened by the presence of the university students. Malone Road and Stranmillis are both comfortable suburban areas of the city, filled with restaurants, good schools, and shopping areas. With a genteel mix of airy park spaces, trees, and lawns, the areas around Malone Road and Stranmillis are a perfect place for a family to settle while retaining all of the vibrancy of living in a major city. Cherryvalley offers the homebuyer looking for an eclectic mix of homes and small-town amenities, a good mix of restaurants and shops.