Types of synthetic upholstery

After buying a house, the second most important thing on which we spent most of our fortune is Furniture.  We need to pay lots of attention to the purchase of upholstery, particularly fabric. A fabric gives your upholstery a final aesthetic look and provides it with enhanced durability and functionality. There are two categories of upholstery natural upholstery and artificial or synthetic upholstery.

Natural Upholstery consists of material extracted from natural resources like plants, and animals, for instance, cotton, linen, silk, and leather.

Synthetic upholstery consists of synthetic materials prepared in the factory, for instance, polyester and acrylic.

Both are quite famous among household and commercial users. But only a few know the types of synthetic fibers and often prefer natural as they think there is no other option to choose. Here are the types of Synthetic fabric upholstery to help you in selecting the best for your home.


Acrylic is one of the famous types of synthetic fabric. It imitates natural wool. It is also used in different blends. Acrylic provides the warmth as wool and one of the right types to be used as outdoor upholstery. The color does not fade quickly, and it is stain resistant as compared to wool. The only drawback is that it piles quickly, compared to wool.


Nylon is a synthetic fabric it is often used with velvet or other natural material. It is one of the most rigid materials in the artificial category. It is the right choice in winters as it warms up the body quickly. Resist stains and static electricity. But there are few drawbacks like color might fade and it is not much comfortable. It is susceptible to fade in case of direct interaction with sunlight and may subject to piling quicker than expected.


Rayon is a semi-synthetic upholstery fabric; it is soft and comfortable. Rayon is soft and comfortable. It is much cheaper than other natural materials and available in many colors. Rayon is also strong and durable. The only drawback is that it might get wrinkles.


Polyester blends with many different natural fabrics and most compatible with cotton. It is soft and comfortable and resists wrinkles and fading colors. It is one of the right choices as an outdoor upholstery fabric. It is used to increase the durability of natural material. Among a few of its drawbacks is that it is hard to clean.


Acetate is a synthetic fabric, and it imitates silk features and looks. It resembles silk in its shine and soft, lustrous look. Acetate adds elegance and class to the furniture and gives a comfortable feel. It resists pilling and humidity and an affordable choice of fabric. Among its drawback, it is easy to get wrinkles, lacks strength, and gets stain quickly. You may need a dry clean to clean it up.

Let’s wrap it up:

Synthetic fabrics are a much cheaper choice for upholstery compared to natural materials. Make sure to select the one you need most to avoid maximum drawbacks and enjoy the long term.