Why HPE Storeonce 3100 Is Considered Better Than The Others?

Do you find yourself grappling with nuanced, dispersed, and expensive data security as your data grows? Will you have data that isn’t backed up because backup windows aren’t long enough or backup jobs fail? HPE Store Once disk-based, deduplication backup systems provide automatic backup, data recovery, and data retention for the modern IT style, reducing the expense, risk, and complexity of data protection. Reduce data protection costs with a single, unified deduplication architecture that delivers best-in-class price-performance across the board. 

Using HPE StoreOnce 3100 deduplication technology, you can simplify and allow the converged infrastructure. Managing data movement around the enterprise has never been easier. HPE Store Once Catalyst supports Federated Deduplication, enabling you to select where your data is deduplicated, obviating the need for dedicated deduplication appliances. Catalyst stores can also cover nodes, making backup management and storage optimization easier in vast environments. Store Once also supports Fiber Channel with seamless integration and versatile connectivity.

Benefits of HPE Storeonce 3100

  • Takes Less Time

High-speed backup is vital, but recovering your data in the shortest time possible is crucial to minimizing downtime when a system fails.  That’s why Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s StoreOnce product line boasts industry-leading restore speeds.

  • Keeps Your Primary Storage Safe

By directly integrating 3PAR StoreServ primary storage and StoreOnce Backup storage without third-party ISVs, HPE StoreOnce 3100 Recovery Manager Central enables automated, reliable, non-intrusive backup and disaster recovery, as well as converged data security. With Recovery Manager Central, you get the durability and efficiency of deduplicated backups combined with the flexibility and performance of snapshot-based security to generate application-consistent recovery points for guaranteed recovery.

  • Lowers The Data Protection Cost

With a deduplication ratio of 20:1, more backup data can be stored in a smaller footprint, requiring less storage space. Furthermore, you can pay-as-you-grow with HPE StoreOnce, which is highly scalable.

Offsite data replication is also made easier with HPE StoreOnce deduplication. StoreOnce Federated data deduplication is used by all HPE StoreOnce 3100 systems to greatly minimize the amount of data that needs to be replicated, allowing data to be transmitted offsite over lower bandwidth, lower-cost connections. StoreOnce replication enables cost-effective unified backup from remote locations or branch offices, as well as a consolidated data center for disaster recovery solutions.

  • Lowering The Cost Of Backup Data Retention

Only available to customers who qualify: StoreOnce CloudBank expands StoreOnce’s available space and combines low object storage costs with StoreOnce deduplication to drastically reduce long-term backup data storage costs. This is accomplished by a StoreOnce Catalyst extension that combines public cloud and private object storage. The Catalyst CloudBank Store uses this external object storage to provide space. It works in tandem with current workflows.