Health Concerns Of French Bulldog

French bulldogs are no doubt a great companion. They are there to provide you love and affection but also require your attention. These dogs are great pets as they provide a lot of love to their owners. Many people go for the Frenchie dog as the very well fit with their lifestyle. However, the dog owners are required to be well aware of the health conditions of the dogs. It is only when they are able to understand the health condition will they be able to take preventive measures. The health conditions and the diseases that these dogs often face have been discussed below.

Dental diseases

Dental disease is one of the diseases that most dogs go through especially when they cross two years of age. However, it is to be noted that just like other dogs, the French bulldog also have dental problems. In fact those dental problems are more frequent and worse than in other dogs.  It has often been seen that these dogs have Tartar built up in the teeth which often transforms into Infection in the gum and roots of the dog’s teeth.  They should be provided proper dental Care otherwise it might also affect their kidneys and other body parts.


Obesity is another health disease that is often found in Frenchie dogs. Obesity often leads to joint problems and if your dog already has a joint problem it might worsen the condition. It also leads to heart diseases, back pain, digestive disorders, and other such problems.  The owner might feel the urge of feeding the dog when they look up to their owners with those cute eyes but they should refrain from overfeeding them. It has often been seen that owners do not have an idea about the amount of food that is referred to them which causes obesity.

Worms and bugs

It has often been seen that the bodies of the French bulldogs are home to many parasites.  Your Frenchie dog is prone to bugs and worms invading their bodies inside out.  These bugs and worms can have a harmful effect on their skin and ears. Some of the worms that can provide them discomfort are- Hookworms, roundworms, heartworms, and whipworms.  There are various reasons for these worms invading the bodies of the bulldog. Some of the reasons are drinking unclean water, walking barefoot on muddy soil, eating anything and everything from the soil or from Garbage, mosquito bites, and others.