Telugu movies got the highest ratings from IMDb users

You have the options for watching good movies online, even during a harsh lockdown. Thanks to the presence of some OTT channels that help you stay entertained whenever you want. Online streaming allows you to watch all your favorite movies. So, the ardent fans of Telegu cinema need not worry about missing out on their favorite shows, web series, movies, and more. The Aha platform is here to provide you the best dose in entertainment. Latest movies, old hits – you name it, and Aha has it. You will also find the romantic drama– the 2020 movie Colour Photo, a tragic comedy set in the 90s. 

Jayakrishna (Suhas) is a dark-skinned boy in love with Deepti (ChandniChoudhary), but he keeps his feelings to himself. After some time, he is beaten by a gang in his college, and this incident brings Deepti closer to him. Gradually friendship turns into love. But Deepti’s brother Rama Raju (Sunil) is not happy with this relationship. The story deals with how the couple reunites after facing difficulties.

Though a familiar territory, the narrative makes a difference. Deepti is dressed as a goddess and rehearsed for a dance performance when Jayakrishna first sees Deepti. His admiration for her is more a reverence. He knows that he has no match with her. But she makes the first move, and the romance slowly blossoms. Watch the film to know more about their journey.

The film is a simple love story based on a serious conflict like color and rich and poor discrimination. Director Sandeep handles it well, and in the pre-climax, things get very serious and emotional. The main cast includes Suhas, Chandni, Harsha, and Sunil. Harsha steals the show as Jayakrishna’s partner-in-crime with top-notch humor. 

Hero Suhas and heroine Chandni prove their talent in this movie. And they are ably supported by the other artists, like Sunil.

Production design and cinematography deserve mention. And most importantly, the composer Kala Bhairava deserves applause for an effective background score, which has a unique charm.

You can also watch interesting references like the fight between team British and team Vanar Sena in college. And that speech that Jayakrishna gives in front of light-skinned foreigners. 

Colour Photo has all the elements of an engaging love story required in a good film. The Colour Photo team deserves accolades to go against the norms in Telugu cinema. Color photos require seeing a patient viewing, given its emotional and meaningful depiction that you can easily watch at home on the Aha OTT channel.

Colour Photo got 8.2/10 rating on IMDb. 


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