Why Many Lies About Counterfeit Watches

Let’s begin with a few common misconceptions concerning counterfeit brand watch [นาฬิกาแบรนด์ก๊อป, which is the term in Thai] that might lead you to think that you are getting a genuine watch when you are really purchasing a fake.

  • PHONY WEIGHT MISCONCEPTION: Phony Watches Are Lighter Than Authentic Watches

Rubbish! Counterfeiters today conveniently make watches that are the same weight. How? Well, they are making use of the same ETA movements as the original manufacturers or second source fakes. For that reason, weight is no longer an acid examination.

  • PHONY VIEW MYTH: It’s Not Made complex

You will review that issues never work on phony watches. It is true that in most cases, they do not. But lots of high-end watches do not have any problems other than the day, which may deal with a phony watch. For that reason, the issue examination is normally not practical in separating the phonies from the real.

  • FAKE ENJOY MYTH: The Day Bubbles on Phony Rolexes Don’t Amplify Enough

It utilized to be that the “Cyclops,” the lens over the date on a Rolex did not magnify 2.5 times on a fake Rolex. That is not so hard to fake any longer. I have actually seen numerous fake Rolex watches with the correct magnification. I would not rely on that as a base test.

  • FAKE WATCH MYTH: An Authentic Activity Means A Genuine Watch

Have you heard that movements on fake watches are never the same? How wrong that is. A lot of watch brands today get their movements from ETA, the world’s biggest supplier of mechanical movements. The counterfeiters can now acquire Chinese or Japanese recreations or, without a doubt, real ETA movement from secondary resources. Take a look at how similar recreation movements look. Which is authentic, as well as which is fake? They look rather similar, do not they?