Read this to know how you can ensure the long life of your personal computer:

Personal computers are not a thing that lasts for a life time. It doesn’t matter with how much care you use them, they will still get old and be replaced by the newer technologies. But fortunately, a system with good specifications can last up to a minimum of five to six years. What all you have to do is to take care of it properly. Taking care of your computer will also help you in the long run as when you will buy a new machine, you can still use some of the parts from the old one. Taking care of your machine’s health is not big of a task of which one should be scared. Dusting your computer cabinet from outside should be done almost once a week. However, it is also important to not let the dirt get accumulated onto the internal peripherals. Therefore, a vacuum cleaner should be used to suck the dirt out of the delicate parts of your computer.

Here’s how you can save your computer from attacks by viruses:

It is highly advisable that you use a good antivirus for your computer system. This will ensure that your files do not get corrupted by the attack of some computer virus. These virus can come into your system while you are browsing the internet or when installing a new application. An antivirus helps you to remove such malwares as soon as they get spotted. Therefore, there is no reason that you should not have it on your computer.

Some other tips that can keep your system young for a long time:

Things like using a good plug [เต้าเสียบ, which is the term in Thai] cable to power your system also affects the systems health a lot. This saves your computer cable from getting melted by avoiding the wire getting heated on prolonged use of the machine. One should also invest in a firm desk to put their system on it. These things might look small in their significance but play a major role in the longevity of your system.