How should you play Dominoqq?

The era of online gambling 

Physical casinos are the land-based buildings that let people gather and play their favorite casino games. Several games will be available on casinos according to the house’s wish. But there was one disadvantage with these physical casinos in the past. Only people who were living in the countries where there were physical casinos, were being able to play gambling games. People who were living in countries with strict restrictions on gambling activities would not gamble. But the advent of the internet has changed everything. Now, people from any country or region can sign up for an online casino website and start to experience the gambling industry at ease. They will only need an internet connection and a computer or a mobile. There will be several websites online providing millions of variations of casino games. One such popular game online is Domino QQUnlike other casino games like card comparisons, this game will not require cards to play. There will be a tile=like alternative for cards. These are known as Dominoes. Each domino will have two numbers (each between 1 and 6) on its top face and bottom face on one side. It is an easy game to understand and play. The ease of gameplay attracts more players online. In this article, let us discuss the gameplay of Dominoqq in detail. 

How should you play Dominoqq?

The objective of the game – To have the highest-ranking hand with the four pairs of dominoes. (pair describes a domino with two digits on it)

Beginning – At the start of the game, the players will gather and start placing their bets on the pot. Once every player has placed his bet, they will get three dominoes each from the dealer. Each of it will have two numbers on its face that the player should hide from other players. After seeing the dominoes, a player can decide to do any of the following. 

Bet – He can bet an amount hoping he will get a better hand.

Call – He can call against the current bet by matching it.

Raise – He can call against the bet and place a simultaneous one, thus increasing the net bet amount.

Fold – He can decide to withdraw from the game and not to continue it anymore.

How to win? – The player who has the highest-ranking hand wins the game. The ranking process will be based on the addition of digits on the dominoes. During the first round, if a player gets three dominoes with 3-4, 5-6, 4-2 on them, the total will be 3+4+5+6+4+2 = 24. So, the actual rank will be the units digit of the sum. Hence, in our case, the rank is 4. If the total is a nine (the highest possible rank), it is known as a Qui. During the second round, the players will take another domino. If that is a total of nine, then the player has got a Qui Qui. Qui Qui is the highest-ranking hand while Qui-5 is the lowest.