celebrities who’ve had gastric sleeve surgery

If you are looking to lose weight in a promising way, then the gastric sleeve is your best shot. The popularity of gastric sleeve as an effective weight loss has increased most, especially among celebrities. Few people understand what gastric sleeve entails. Read on to get all the information you need on the gastric sleeve and examples of stars who have done it.

Overview of Gastric Sleeve Abroad

Gastric sleeve is a weight loss surgery performed on the stomach aimed at reducing hunger and food absorption. Here, 85% of your stomach is removed, leaving behind a sleeve-shaped stomach with a holding capacity of between 60 to 150cc. While the stomach will drastically reduce in size, its nerves and the outlet valve remain intact, thus preserving its functionality.

The removal of most parts of the stomach means that the hunger causing hormone, ghrelin, is also removed. This reduces your hunger levels, which in turn reduces your food intake. In the long run, this means that you will be able to achieve your weight loss goals. Unlike other weight-loss surgeries, this process is not reversible.

The fact that this stomach surgery does not bypass the intestinal tract means that patients are not at risk of suffering from conditions such as Intestinal obstruction, anaemia, and protein or vitamin deficiency. Gastric sleeve is thus suitable for patients with pre-existing conditions like anaemia and Crohn’s disease.

Undergoing this surgery does not mean that you will never gain weight again in your life. You should maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly. Avoid smoking and drug intake as it may cause infections. Additionally, ensure that you do regular check-ups with your doctor. Click here to discover more about gastric sleeve abroad.

Gastric Sleeve Celebrities

Most celebrities have undergone this surgery to achieve their killer body shapes. Few of them speak out about the process, but their photos after the gastric sleeve transformation can tell it all. Seeing celebrities achieve their body goals through this process helps to reduce the stigma associated with weight-loss surgeries.

Below is a list of celebrities who have successfully undergone this process.

Oprah Winfrey

She is a popular Tv host who weighed about 237 pounds at some point in her life. She decided to make a brave move of undergoing a gastric sleeve, which helped her lose close to 100 pounds.

Mariah Carey

She is a famous artist who, after birth to her twins in 2011, weighed about 180 pounds. She did gastric sleeve and managed to lose a considerable amount of weight.

Paul Wall

He is a renowned rapper thanks to his debut, The People Champ. He was into drugs and unhealthy diets that made him gain lots of weight. However, with his wife’s help, he underwent the gastric sleeve process and lost more than 100 pounds.

Graham Elliot

He is a celebrity MasterChef judge who has battled with weight for the longest part of his life. After undergoing this surgery, he lost over a whole 150 pounds.

The gastric sleeve is for both men and women. Achieving your body shape and beauty goals while still keeping your health in check boosts your self-love and confidence levels.