Twelve Things Hotel Owners Dislike About Their Customers

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Travel journalists always write articles criticizing how bad hoteliers behave and the deficiencies we find in the establishments where we stay. But and what do hotel workers think about their customers? Surely there are plenty of guest attitudes that unnerve accommodation owners and employees.

Things hotel owners dislike

  1. Open the toilet bowl and check that the tank has not been flushed (or that everything is splashed)
  2. Eat-in the rooms (there are expensive ones, and they even ask the restaurant service for cutlery and napkins for the pizza that they have brought from the corner bar)
  3. Place the breakfast spoon filled with jam or the knife filled with butter on the cloth tablecloth. It will be for plates and napkins …!
  4. The smart people who try to leave without paying the consumption of the minibar
  5. Leave all lights on, heat on, and window open. 
  6. Those who go the room upside down, with everything messed up, pretending that the waitress picks it up.
  7. Those who pass by the buffet like Attila fill entire bags of food even though it is full of signs prohibiting taking food from the meal.
  8. Pretend to enter the room before 12 or forget that this is the stipulated time to leave.
  9. Those who fill the dishes at the buffet as if they were going to run out of food and then leave them almost complete, without eating it.
  10. Those who make a reservation and do not have the delicacy to call to cancel it if they are not going to come.
  11. Bring Hotel towels (ผ้าขนหนูโรงแรม which is the term in Thai), bathrobes, pillows (some even go to the corridors with the waitresses in their cars).
  12. Those who do not look at the laundry or iron service price list and then complain about the sword that has been hit.