The connection of gadgets and machines and the technology behind it

The technological advancements in the current times are so great that everything that is to say every gadget that you see around you is connected. This is evident from the very gadgets in your home like for example your alarm clock is connected to your mobile phone or your lights and so on. This is due to a relatively new technology known as the internet of things commonly known by the acronym IoT. Now it was first developed to be used in homes for smaller gadgets and for smaller networks like your home network. But recently it has been rather experimentally and quite successfully in the industrial sector where it has come to be known as industrial internet of things or by the name of iiot as an acronym.

What is the iiot or industrial internet of things? How can it help industries?

Now iiot or industrial internet of things as the name suggests connects industrial machinery via an internet networking connection. And most of the time it is preferable that the connection is a gigabit ethernet connection. The industrial internet of things has brought somewhat of the fourth wave of a revolution in the industrial realm. This is owing to the fact that iiot has successfully reduced the level of human resources or human intervention in the industrial sector to a great extent. On the other hand, iiot has increased the production rate of the manufacturing sectors to many folds and also the reduction of human errors can be noticed as well. Iiot is one of the many reasons why the industrial sector is likely to overcome the stringent restrictions if social distancing protocols after the global pandemic as the human contact will be very less with this great new level of automation at hand.

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