Places that every Anime fan should visit while in Tokyo

Anime that are made in Japan have a very dedicated fandom all across the world. People of all ages are nowadays interested in Anime due to their attractive storyline and great character designs. As an Anime fan, there are a lot of places around Tokyo that you must visit at all costs while you are on a trip to Tokyo. 

If you are interested in cosplay, you will be able to find tons of shops that will provide you costumes along with photography services so that you can wear the dresses of your favorite characters and get a few memorable photographs.

The following are a few places that a fan of Anime should definitely visit.

Pokémon Centers

If you are a fan of Pokémon Anime series and would like to purchase merchandise related to it or want to see collectibles of your favorite characters, Tokyo is filled with Pokémon centers. These centers will have a lot of objects and displays related to the Pokémon series and a visit here is must for all Pokémon fans. These centers are located all around Tokyo and can easily be spotted.

Suginami Animation museum  

This is a museum that is dedicated to the history of Japanese animation and anime. It contains some of the original first sketches of popular anime series along with life size character models and other concept arts that come from original artists. They hold exhibition shows where they describe the history of animation in Japan and also tell audience about the processes involved in production and distribution of Anime.


This is one of the most popular tourist districts in Japan and the presence of multiple Anime attractions has made it popular among otaku from all around the world. It houses a life size statues of Gundam which is a famous character from a world renowned anime series.